Security and User Access

Security configuration in Vision controls access to iAccess.

The basic steps for giving one of your employees access to iAccess and controlling the level of that person's access are the following:
  1. Use the Roles form in Vision (Configuration > Security > Roles) to create a security role that provides the access you want the employee to have, if that role does not already exist.
  2. Use the Users form in Vision (Configuration > Security > Users) to set up a user record for the employee. The user record either contains a username and password that the employee uses to log in to both Vision and iAccess, or it specifies that the user can access those applications using Windows Authentication. It also contains the security role that defines that user's access to Vision and iAccess.

For More Information

For more information about setting up user records, display the Vision online help and, in the Contents pane, go to Configuration Overview > Security Configuration Overview > Users Overview.