iAccess for Vision

iAccess for Vision gives you the tools that you need to manage your projects, create and update timesheets and expense reports, and track opportunities.

iAccess tightly integrates with Vision so that you can manage complex projects through a streamlined application. iAccess offers real-time planning, budget, invoice, and reporting statistics that are optimized to follow best practices for project planning. At the same time, iAccess uses simplified analysis tools. You can quickly identify and act on project performance issues or risks.

To help keep your data organized, iAccess features are divided into workspaces. The Project Management workspace is designed to manage all areas of your project and plan data, while the Employee workspace integrates with the Vision Timesheet application so that you can enter your own timesheets and submit them for processing. Your system administrator configures the access rights to both of these workspaces to customize and control the features and functions that are available.

The Business Development workspace enables professional services and government contracting firms to manage effectively all of the information, activities, and resources related to pursuing opportunities. You can also use Business Development to gather and maintain a repository of information on clients, subconsultants, government agencies, contacts, and competitors.

Note: Vision allows you to customize field labels to reflect the requirements of your business. For example, you can change the Project Manager field label so that it displays as Engagement Manager throughout the application. For this reason, the field labels that display in iAccess, both on the screen and in the search feature, may not match the labels that are documented in this online help system. Contact your system administrator for information about custom labels.