Project Management Workspace

The Project Management workspace collects performance and utilization data at project levels and consolidates this information to help you accurately assign, budget, and forecast resource, expense, and consultant information over the life cycle of a project.

The Project Management workspace enables you to use projects that were entered in Vision as the basis for new iAccess plans. When you create a plan in iAccess, the project's existing structure and information are imported into iAccess. This enables you to schedule work for each level of the project's structure, and develop estimates of labor, expense, and consultant costs. You can also view and approve invoices related to each project.

In iAccess, you can also convert an existing Vision plan to an iAccess plan. This carries over all relevant plan data, but requires that you maintain the plan within iAccess.

Note: The Project Management workspace is only available in iAccess if your firm is licensed for the Project Control module, the Accounting module, or both in Vision. If it is available, your access to the tabs in this workspace depends on the security rights that are assigned in Vision.