Changing System Labels

Vision uses key terms in its default labels that are in common use among Deltek customers. Those same labels are used in iAccess. However, you can replace the default labels with those that are used in your firm (for example, replace the default "Vendor" with "Subcontractor").

This option enables you to easily modify Vision and iAccess to use key terms that are in use in your firm and familiar to your employees.

Use the Labels tab on the General System Settings tab in Vision (Configuration > General > System Settings) to substitute your own labels for the default labels.

Note: When you substitute a different label for one of the default labels, that label is changed wherever it appears in both Vision and iAccess.

iAccess Company System Labels

The iAccess Company and iAccess Companies system labels are only used in iAccess. They are intended as general labels that encompass all companies that you track as part of your business development efforts: clients, vendors, subconsultants, competitors, government agencies, and so on. These labels appear throughout the Business Development workspace. By default, the labels are Company and Companies but you can change them if you want to use different terms.

Custom Labels and iAccess Help

If you substitute your own custom label for a default label, your custom label displays in place of the default label throughout iAccess and Vision. It will not, however, appear in the iAccess or Vision online help. The online help only uses the default labels.

For More Information

For more information about changing system labels, display the Vision online help and, in the Contents pane, go to Configuration Overview > General Configuration Overview > General System Settings Overview > Screens > General System Settings Form > Labels Tab of General System Settings Form.