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Project Command Center


About your Project Command Center

About Ajera

About billing types

About estimating and managing projects with Ajera

About budgeting a project

About client invoice adjustments

About scheduling employees on projects

About consultant management

Step-by-step instructions

To schedule labor resources, see About scheduling employees on projects.


Report descriptions

Snapshot report

Progress report (unavailable in ajeraCore)

Plan report (unavailable in ajeraCore)

E-learning lessons

Quick tours

Project Command Center - a quick tour (3:24)

Setting up projects

Setting up general project information (4:06)

Setting up invoice and billing information (4:12)

Setting up project phases (3:54)

Setting up billing and invoice groups (3:10)


Budgeting top-down with Ajera (3:53)

Budgeting bottom-up with Ajera (3:42)

Budgeting with ajeraCore (3:39)

Working with projects

Working with the work breakdown structure (2:49)

Adding resources and tasks with Ajera (1:30)

Scheduling a project with Ajera (1:56)

Business Development (unavailable in ajeraCore)

Business Development - a quick tour (3:51)

Managing BD projects

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