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Scheduling hours by project

unavailable in ajeraCore

About scheduling employees on projects

You can schedule by either project or employee.

Schedule by project to manage the employees on your projects at a high level.

If you have permission to see all projects, you can also schedule by employee and manage your projects at a lower level.

Before you begin

To schedule hours by project

  1. In the unshaded cells, enter the number of hours per week for each employee.
  2. To view the number of hours already scheduled for a week, right-click the week at the project, phase, or resource level.

If you set color-coding preferences for scheduling, the hours are highlighted by those colors.

  1. As you work, do the following as needed:
To Do this

Change the columns or number of weeks

  1. Click (Customize) to open the Projects - Customize window.
  2. Select the columns or enter the number of weeks.
Filter at the project level by department, project manager, or both
  1. Click (Customize) to open the Projects - Customize window.
  2. Click the Filters tab and select a filter.

Ajera displays the applied filters at the top of Schedule Manager. To remove the filters, either click the X or clear the filter option in the Projects - Customize window.

Remove the red highlighting from an employee

The red highlighting indicates that the employee is not assigned to a project and entered time to it, or entered time using the wrong employee type.

One of the following:

Adjust all the scheduled hours to the right of the cursor a specific number of weeks, at the project, phase, or resource level

  1. Right-click the cell at the start or end of the group of hours you want to adjust.
  2. Select forward (to the right) or backward (to the left), enter the number of weeks to adjust, and click the Adjust button.

The lower-level rows also adjust the same number of weeks.

  1. Review the columns to evaluate project performance. Depending on your security settings, you may also see dollar amounts based on billing rates.

For example, compare the Budget and Actual columns to determine where the project is now. View the Available columns to forecast where the project will be, given the current scheduling.

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