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Setting up a budget for a template

  1. Click the Manage tab.
  2. Enter the level of budget information that you want to appear on the template. As part of the template, this information then serves as a starting point for budgeting a new project. The cost and fee budget will not automatically calculate in the Template. Here are some examples:

Percent of construction cost:

If you do a lot of work where your fee is based on a percent of construction cost and your phases are typically a standard percent of the total fee, you may want to set up your budget template with the following:

  • Your typical percent in the Percent of Construction Cost column for the top level in the project tree
  • Your standard phase percents in the % Dist column for each phase

When you create the project from the template, simply enter the Construction Cost amount at the project level of the budget. Ajera then calculates the contract amount for the project. Use the arrows in the % Dist column to distribute the project fee to all the phases.

Estimates based on hours:

If you do a lot of estimating based on the hours required to complete a task, enter the typical hours in the budget template.

When you create the project from the template, Ajera calculates the cost and fee budget based on your setup.



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