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Exporting schedules by employee to Excel

unavailable in ajeraCore

About scheduling employees on projects

You can export what you see on the Employees tab to Microsoft Excel.

You can control which schedules are exported by selecting only expanded employees, applying filters, or both.

Before you begin

To export schedules by employee

  1. Click (Export).
  2. Select your export settings:
Select To

Export expanded employees only

Export schedules for only expanded employees on the Employees tab.

If the check box is cleared, Ajera exports schedules for all displayed employees on the Employees tab.

Export with colors and shading

Export the colors and shading as applied on the Employees tab.

  1. Click the Export button.
  2. Navigate to where you want to export the schedules, select the file type, and click Save.

Ajera exports only the data, no formulas or formatting. In Excel, you can create formulas, format the information, and expand or collapse rows by clicking or .

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