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About commitment management

unavailable in ajeraCore unless you have the Consultant Management add-on

An important aspect of any project is the ability to monitor and control consultant and expense contracts. In Ajera, these contracts are called commitments.

Commitment management is a feature in Ajera for tracking amounts budgeted and paid to a consultant for a project. You can review the status of consultant budget items as you enter the associated vendor and client invoices.

Your budget consultant and expense costs and fees are tracked directly to the project and phases. Tracking consultant and expense contracts from the beginning of the project gives you an accurate picture of your commitments at each phase. You can even track multiple consultant and expense contracts for one project and phase.

Ajera automatically verifies invoices to the consultant and expense cost budget and generates warning notices to ensure that you are not overbilled and that projects stay within budget.

During contract negotiation, you can verify that a consultant’s insurance policies provide adequate coverage for the life of the project.

To use commitment management, you perform these tasks:



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