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Setting up billing groups

About setting up a project

You designate a phase as a billing group when you want to group phases together on an invoice. You can also select to summarize or subtotal the phases of a billing group on a client invoice and on project reports.

You can designate a phase as a billing group if:

  • the phase first has subphases under it.
  • the phase is not part of another billing group.

  1. With the project open, in the project tree at the bottom left of the window, click the phase you want to designate as a billing group.
  2. Click the Billing subtab of the Project Info tab.
  3. Designate this phase as a billing group by selecting the Is billing group check box.
  4. To print one subtotal and descriptive invoice text for all phases under the billing group, select the Summarize phases check box. Otherwise, the invoice displays text and amounts for each phase with no subtotal.
  5. Click Save.

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