Vantagepoint Environments

When you use Deltek cloud products, you use a production environment to maintain your live data and perform live processing. You may also use additional, non-production "sandbox" environments for testing and development purposes.

Certain environments and services are only available in premium offerings or with additional subscription fees. Check with your account manager or your customer success manager if you are interested in adding any environments or services.

What is an Environment?

An environment is the collection of software and infrastructure components necessary to operate a product. This includes shared security services, monitoring, web and application servers, database servers, operating systems, compute, storage, memory, and network.

Each environment can have one or more customer-specific database instances associated with it, which may require an additional subscription fee. For certain offerings, additional non-production environments or production or non-production database replicas may be purchased for a minimum 1-year subscription.

Services Related to Your Vantagepoint Environment

A Vantagepoint Administrator can submit requests related to the Vantagepoint environment, such as a request to restore data from a backup database. See Service Requests for more information.