Bank Feed

A bank feed automates the update of transactions in Bank Reconciliation. Set up a bank feed in Cash Management Settings by connecting a bank code in Vantagepoint with Plaid, a bank aggregator. Bank feed is available if you are using the Cloud product.

When you use bank feed, instead of you manually importing transactions from a bank statement, the day's transactions are automatically reflected in the bank reconciliation record. Vantagepoint matches imported records to posted records as part of the import process.

Bank code

The bank code that will be connected to Plaid must be associated with an online account. During bank feed activation and set up, you provide the login credentials for the online account. Depending on your bank, you may need to enter additional information for security purposes (for example, you may need to specify a One-Time Password).

If you use an existing bank code that is connected to Plaid to create a new bank code, the new bank code will also be connected to Plaid.

Plaid account

Before connecting a bank code in Vantagepoint, you must set up an account with Plaid. Plaid will store bank-related data, such as login credentials, on their servers when you set up the bank feed. You can review the terms of service during the bank feed activation.

If you disable the bank feed between a bank code and Plaid, the stored data remain in Plaid servers. To permanently delete your account or remove your data, contact Plaid through their support channels.

Reconnecting to Plaid

You need to re-establish the bank code's connection to Plaid if you change the log in credentials (for example, the password) of the associated online account.