FIDO/Biometric Device Subtask

Use the FIDO/Biometric Devices subtask to review and edit the FIDO devices or security keys for a user.


Field Description
Add FIDO/Biometric Device

Click Add FIDO/Biometric Device to name and register the security key or FIDO device. Select the Resident key (Kiosk Mode) check box if you plan to use this device for kiosk mode authentication (authentication via shared laptop or tablet). This feature lets you authenticate to Costpoint using only a FIDO/biometric device without providing a username and password. Leave Resident key (Kiosk Mode) check box clear if you are not using kiosk mode authentication.

After you enter the required information, click Save to proceed with the security key registration. Costpoint displays a message asking you to insert your security key.

When the registration is complete, your FIDO security key will be required the next time you try to log in to Costpoint. A password may still be required in addition to the security key, depending on whether the FIDO Single-Sign-On or the FIDO 2FA Settings option is selected for you in Manage Users (SYMUSR).

Description/Name This field displays the name you entered for the device. You can edit the name.
ID This field displays the key ID for your device.
Registered Date/Time This field displays the date and time the device was registered.
Purpose Choose the purpose for the device in this field. The options are:
  • Authentication (for authentication purposes)
  • Signing (for digitally signing documents)
  • All (for both purposes)
Active Select this check box if you want to activate the device.

Device Management

Use this section to specify the purpose for the device and view information about the device and its FIDO certificate.

Field Description
Attestation This field displays an attestation for the FIDO device, such as the manufacturer of the device and the manufacturer's digital certificate.
Certificate This field displays information about the user's company certificate that endorses the device.