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About vendor payments

Vendor payments refers to the task of managing a list of unpaid or partially paid vendor invoices.

In the Vendor Payment window, you decide how to handle the payment of your vendor invoices.

You can:

  • Pay vendor invoices partially or in full.
  • Hold payment to vendor invoices.
  • Write off vendor invoices partially or in full.
  • Apply a credit to a vendor invoice.

How it works

You enter vendor invoices or Ajera automatically creates them.

Manage the payment of these vendor invoices as follows:

  • First, view the invoices you want in the Vendor Payments window. To make it easier, you can filter the invoices - by vendor, vendor type, project, date, or invoice amount due - so that only the invoices you want appear.
  • Then, select the ones to pay, place on hold, write off, or apply a credit.

Ajera clears the Pay or Write-off statuses of invoices filtered out of view, so be sure to filter first and select invoices to pay or write off later.

After you pay a vendor invoice, the vendor check appears in the bank register, where you can void it, if needed. When you print the check, Ajera pays or writes off the vendor invoices you selected.

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