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About vendor invoices

A vendor invoice is a list of expenses owed to a vendor.

With vendor invoices, you assign all or part of the cost on the invoice to a particular project, phase, activity, or general ledger account. Your company then bills that project cost to the client.

A vendor invoice includes:

  • Nonproject expenses, such as rent and utilities
  • Project-related expenses, such as those submitted by your subconsultants or employees

How it works

You usually enter vendor invoices in Ajera after receiving invoices for payment from your vendors.

In some cases, Ajera automatically creates vendor invoices for you. It does this when you:

  • Reimburse an employee expense on an expense report.
  • Close a credit card statement.
  • Use recurring vendor invoices.
  • Refund a prepayment.
  • Create a payroll file (payroll service or outsourced payroll).
  • Enter a beginning balance for open vendor invoices.

What to do next

The common practice is to pay, hold payment on, write off, or apply a credit to vendor invoices routinely, as part of your accounting workflow.

In some cases, you can also:

  • Record a payment made with a handwritten check, debit/credit card, or electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  • Print a vendor check now.
  • Approve a vendor invoice now for payment later (for example, you might want to enter a vendor invoice and approve payment during the same session).

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