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About running payroll

unavailable in ajeraCore unless you have the Payroll add-on

To run payroll, you perform these tasks:

  1. Create a payroll. You enter general information needed to run the payroll, such as the pay period and the employees to pay. You can either set up this information in advance and save it, or you can do it immediately before you actually pay employees.

You can create a payroll to do the following:

  • Process your regular payroll. When you create a payroll, Ajera automatically creates paychecks for employees based on their timesheet entries for that period. You can add, change, or delete paychecks, as needed.
  • Produce a payroll for one paycheck, such as a bonus check or a termination check.
  1. Pay employees. You can select to pay
  • One paycheck or several paychecks out of a payroll, and then return to the payroll later and pay others.
  • Pay all employees in the payroll at one time.

When you pay employees, you can print paychecks, direct deposit stubs, and file copies.

  1. Produce direct deposits. You produce a NACHA file, which contains information your bank uses to process your direct deposits. Before producing direct deposits for the first time, you must set up direct deposits.



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