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Setting up a chart of accounts

About the chart of accounts

Multi-company only. The Intercompany Due From, Due To, and Other Income accounts appear at the bottom of the chart. You can enter descriptions, IDs, or account groups for these accounts; the other fields are unavailable.

  1. From the Company menu, click Financials > Chart of Accounts.
  2. Place the cursor one row above where you want the new account.

Do not sort the list before setting up a new account. If you do, the account may not appear under the current row until you close and reopen the account list.

  1. Click the New button.
  2. Leave the status as Active so the account is available for use.
  1. Type a description and account ID (number) for the account.
  2. For the account typeClosed, select the category where you want the account to appear on financial reports.

The account you selected in the Company > Preferences > Balance Sheet Accounts tab > Retained Earnings field must have an account type of Retained Earnings for your financial reports to print correctly.

  1. Select an account group. An account groupClosed subtotals or summarizes information for a group of accounts on your reports.
  2. To allow journal entries or vendor invoice distributions, leave the Allow journal entries check box selected.

To ensure accounts such as cash, receivables, and payables remain in balance with their ledgers, clear the check box to disallow journal entries.

  1. The Normal debit balance check box affects:
  • Whether the debit or credit column is active when you make entries for your beginning trial balance
  • How amounts print for reporting

Ajera automatically selects this check box for account types that normally have debit balances. Select or clear this check box, as needed.

  1. The DPE and Overhead check boxes appear only for Expense or Other Income accounts if the DPE/overhead distribution method is based on direct labor costs or hours.

Ajera uses these check boxes to determine which accounts to use to calculate DPE and overhead markup percents for project reports. They do not affect financial reports.

Select the appropriate check box.

  1. unavailable in ajeraCore unless you have the Departments add-on - Click the Allocations tab for an Expense or Other Income account, if needed. Select departments and specify the percent of overhead expenses to distribute to each department; the distributions in an allocated account must total 100%.
  2. Click the Attachments tab and add attachments, by linking to related files. A linked file must be in a shared location for other people to open it (for example, on a shared network or a website).

  3. Click the Notes tab, and type any notes for the account.
  4. Click Save. The account appears in a row below the cursor. To move it, click the row and click or .

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