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About allocated accounts

unavailable in ajeraCore unless you have the Departments add-on

An allocated account is one that you set up to automatically distribute overhead expenses by a percentage to various departments in your firm. The distributions must total 100%. An example might be utilities, with all departments sharing equally in the cost.

How you set it up

You can set up any Expense or Other Income account as an allocated account if you chose to use departments in Company > Preferences.

How it works

When you select an allocated account for a nonproject-related expense, Ajera automatically calculates and enters the amount for each department. Allocated accounts are available for the following:

  • vendor invoice
  • journal entry
  • recurring entry
  • bank register

If you select an allocated account for a project-related transaction, Ajera ignores the allocations. Allocated accounts affect company financial reporting and do not affect project reporting.

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