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Saving client invoices as PDFs

Before you begin

  • Verify that a PDF viewer supporting PDF 1.5 or later is installed for viewing the invoices.

To save final client invoices as PDFs

  1. Print client invoices, selecting the Final option.
  2. In the Print Invoice window, select the Save PDF copy check box.
  3. To select or change the PDF file path, click the Browse button and select the folder you want. The PDF file path persists in the window, until you change it.
  4. Click OK.

Ajera saves a PDF of the invoice, naming it as follows: <client company name_project description_invoice number_invoice date>. If the file name exceeds 64 characters, Ajera truncates the client company name and, if needed, the project description.

The folder structure is <PDF file folder>\<client>\<project>\<invoice.pdf>.



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