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Printing client invoices

About producing client invoices

  1. From the Manage menu, click Client Invoices.
  2. To print:
  • One invoice, click the invoice.
  • Several invoices, click the invoices you want to print while pressing the Shift key, or to select several nonconsecutive invoices, click the invoices you want to print while pressing the Ctrl key, or to select all invoices, click the Select All button.

If you select to print any invoices that have a status of Final or Write-off, the Print button is unavailable. Unselect these invoices by pressing the CTRL key while clicking the invoice. You can also use (Change View) so as to not display invoices with a status of Final or Write-off.

  1. Click the Print button.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • Click Draft if you want to print the invoice as a draft and do not yet want to send it to the client and update the system.
  • Click Final if you are ready to print the final invoice for sending to the client.
Note: unavailable in ajeraCore - If you use billing review stages, the billing review stage automatically updates to Final after you print an invoice to Final.
  1. If you are printing a final invoice, enter the invoice date, accounting date, and invoice number.
  • About the accounting date: Ajera automatically enters the invoice date or the billing cutoff date in the Accounting Date field, depending on the option you selected in the Company > Preferences > Billing tab > Invoice Accounting Date field. If you use multi-company, the option is in the Company > Company > Billing/Payroll tab > Invoice Accounting Date field.

You can change the accounting date. For example, you need to reissue an invoice printed as Final in a prior period, but because you already produced financial statements for that period, you want the accounting entries posted to the current period.

  • About the invoice number: If you change the invoice number to a larger number, Ajera changes the numbering for subsequent invoices that you print. It does so by changing the last invoice number on the Company Preferences, Company, Project Command Center, or Client window, depending on how you chose to number invoices in the Company > Preferences > Billing tab > Auto Assign Invoice Numbers By field.
  • About effective cost: If your billing rate tables are based on effective cost, you can invoice salaried time only after running payroll because this is when Ajera calculates the effective cost rates.
  1. If you selected more than one invoice, and you do not want to print invoices that have zero amounts, clear the Print Zero Amount Invoices check box.
  2. To save a PDF of a final invoice for recordkeeping, select the Save PDF Copy check box and the location.
  3. Click OK. Ajera sends the invoice to your printer and, if selected, saves a PDF of your invoice.
  4. Click Close.

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