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Printing 1099 MISC forms

Follow these instructions to print Form 1099-MISC and Form 1096.

Before you begin

To print 1099 MISC forms

Note: If you file by paper, you must print Copy A to a preprinted red form and also print Form 1096 to the red form.
  1. From the Company menu, click Government Reporting > Form 1099.
  1. Multi-company only. Select a company.
  1. Enter information as follows:
For Do this


Type the year for the forms you want to print.

Print option

Select an option to print the forms on plain paper or preprinted forms (Copy A - IRS copy and Form 1096 - IRS copy only).


If you file electronically (using Ajera e-Filing), print the forms on plain paper and confirm the accuracy of the information before filing.

Minimum reporting amount

Type the minimum amount for which you want to produce a form.

You can also enter it using the calculator.


To print a 1099 form for only one vendor, click the (more) button and select the vendor.

Check corrected box

Select this check box, which selects the Corrected check box on the 1099 form, to indicate it is a corrected version of a form you previously submitted.

Note: If you file electronically (using Ajera e-Filing), this check box is unavailable. Ajera e-Filing does not support corrected forms.

Short year

Select this check box if you want to print 1099 forms for only part of the calendar year.

In the From and To fields, enter the date range for which you want to print the 1099 forms.

Form option

Click the type of form you want to print.

Note: You cannot print Copy A if you selected Plain paper in the Print Option field; the IRS requires that you print Copy A on only the preprinted form.
  1. If you selected to print a 1096 form, a window appears for you to enter the following information and click OK:
For Do this

Contact name, phone, fax, email

The name and contact information for the person who signs the form

Note: The email address can contain up to 25 characters.

Signer's title

The title of the person who signs the form

  1. Click Print.
  2. On the Print window, review your selections and change them as needed. If forms do not align properly for your printer, adjust the printer alignment.
  3. Click OK.
  4. (Optional) File your 1099 MISC forms electronically with Ajera e-Filing.

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