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Preparing 1099 MISC forms to print

Follow these instructions to prepare Form 1099-MISC and Form 1096 before printing them.

Before you begin

  • If this is your first year using Ajera, enter all your Vendor 1099 paid information through Company > Beginning Balances > Vendor 1099 Paid.
  • Review your vendors in Setup > Vendors. If a vendor requires a 1099 form, check the Receives 1099 form check box on the 1099 Info tab for that vendor and enter the recipient ID.
  • Print the Vendor 1099 Preparation report by clicking Reports > Vendor > Vendor 1099 Preparation. This report lists vendors by form type. Use the report to verify 1099 information (for example, reviewing the report totals to verify the 1099 amounts).

To prepare 1099 forms

  1. Click Reports > Vendor > Vendor 1099 Preparation to print the Vendor 1099 Preparation report. For each of your vendors, verify the form type, 1099 ID, and amounts.
  2. To exclude partial or full invoices from the 1099 amount:
  • Click Manage > Vendor Invoices > Existing tab.
  • Click the (Customize) button, click Status and Status date, and click OK.
  • To see all paid invoices by vendor, click the (Change View) button. Select the vendor. Select the Paid check box, select the date range, and click OK.
  • Double-click an invoice to view its distributions.  
  • Click the (Customize) button, select the Non 1099 check box, and click OK. The Non 1099 column appears in the table.
  • To exclude an invoice distribution, select the Non 1099 check box.
  1. On the Setup > Vendors > 1099 Info tab, review your options for printing the reported amount and federal withheld amount.

Reported amount

Depending on the selection you make for the vendor in the Form Type field in the vendor setup, Ajera prints an amount in the applicable box on the 1099 form:

1 - Rents

2 - Royalties

3 - Other income

6 - Medical and health care payments

7 - Nonemployee compensation

8 - Substitute payments in lieu of dividends or interest

13 - Excess golden parachute payments

14 - Gross proceeds paid to an attorney

To override the amount Ajera enters on the form with a different amount, change the amount in the 1099 Override Reported Amount field in the vendor setup.

Federal withheld amount

To report the federal tax withheld for the vendor in Box 4 (Fed. inc. tax withheld) on the 1099 form, enter it in the 1099 Override Federal Tax Withheld field in the vendor setup. Otherwise, Ajera leaves this box on the form blank.


To verify the override reported amount and withheld amount by vendor, run the Vendor inquiry (Inquiry > Vendor > Vendor) and add columns for Override Amount - 1099 and Federal Tax Withheld - 1099.

  1. On the Company > Preferences > General tab, verify that the employer ID number contains dashes in the appropriate places according to your state agencies.

Multi-company only. The employer ID number appears on the Company > Companies > General tab.

  1. Review the general recommendations in About printing government forms.
  2. For information from the IRS about completing the form, print the form's instructions.
  3. Print 1099 forms.



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