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Filing 1099 MISC forms electronically

About Ajera e-Filing

Before you begin

To file 1099 MISC forms electronically

  1. From the Company menu, click Government Reporting > Form 1099.
  2. Multi-company only. Select a company.
  1. In the Year field, type the year for the forms you want to file electronically.
  2. For print option, select e-Filing.
  1. Enter information as follows:


Do this

Minimum reporting amount

Type the minimum amount for which you want to produce a form.

You can also enter it using the calculator.


To file a 1099 MISC form for only one vendor, click the (more) button and select the vendor.

Starting account number

Enter a number to identify the first form that is filed. Ajera then increments this number by one on each subsequent 1099 form.

If you file your 1099 forms in batches, start each batch with a unique number to eliminate duplicate account numbers (for example, enter 1001 for one batch and 2001 for another batch).

If this field is blank, Ajera automatically enters 1 as the starting number.

Short year

Select this check box if you want to file 1099 MISC forms for only part of the calendar year.

In the From and To fields, enter the date range for which you want to print the 1099 forms.

  1. Click Send.

The Ajera e-Filing Log In web page on the Nelco website appears.

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new account or log into an existing account.

Submit your 1099 MISC information to Nelco. They create the 1096 for you and submit your 1099s (with the 1096) to the federal government. For a fee, Nelco can also print and mail the forms to your recipients - or you can print the forms from Ajera and mail them yourself.

  1. To check on the status of your submission or to complete an incomplete submission, do one of the following:
  • From the Company menu, click Government Reporting > Form 1099 > e-Filing option and click the Status button.
  • Go to the Ajera e-Filing Log In web page on the Nelco website and log into your account.

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