The CPI SPI chart on the Detail Analysis tab displays cumulative or current cost performance indexes and schedule performance indexes by period.

Chart Format

By default, the CPI SPI chart is a line chart, with a separate line for each index. Use the Fast Change icon () to switch to a pivot table that displays the actual values for the data points and enables you to drill down to the period-by-period index values for each element.

Chart Item Description
Horizontal axis The horizontal axis displays the range of periods.
Vertical axis The vertical axis displays the range of index values.
Lines Each line represents the change in value for one of the indexes over the displayed periods.

Each data point on line represents the cumulative or current index value as of that period.

Chart Data

You can display either cumulative or current performance indexes for each period.

Data Item Description
CPI Cumulative or current cost performance index for each period.
SPI Cumulative or current schedule performance index for each period.