Deltek WorkBook 2.1.747

These release notes contain a summary of the features and enhancements for Deltek WorkBook 2.1.747. It also includes the software issues that this release resolves.

Deltek WorkBook 2.1.747 | January 27, 2022

Mobile - Push Notifications on Android Devices
  • Push notifications are now available on Android. If the application is closed and a message is received, a notification from the sender and the first lines of the message will be shown as a native notification on the phone.

    The user has the option to turn off push notifications in the settings of the WorkBook application.

    Minimum required version of WorkBook: 13.1.

Mobile - Settings - About WorkBook Page and Content
  • The About Workbook page has been updated and now includes a Help & Support section. External websites can be opened within the application or in the default browser.
Mobile - Sign In with Identity Provider and Forgot Password Buttons
  • The Login screen layout has been rearranged for a better user experience. Sign in with Identity Provider and Forgot password? buttons are now blocked together with the login functionalities.
Mobile - Time Entry - Status Indicators
  • Status indicators for both pending and approved time entries are now visible in Time Entry.