Microsoft Outlook Add-in

The Outlook add-in for Deltek Vantagepoint provides easy access to a Vantagepoint contact's information in Vantagepoint when you are viewing an email from the contact in Microsoft Outlook.

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After you install the Outlook add-in and connect your Vantagepoint database to Outlook, you can do the following in Outlook when you open an email that has recipients who are entered as contacts in the Contacts hub in Vantagepoint:

  • View a summary of relevant information that is entered for the Vantagepoint contacts in Vantagepoint, such as phone numbers, recent activities, project history, and active marketing campaigns.
  • Access the complete information for a contact in Vantagepoint.
  • Add new Vantagepoint activities and projects for contacts that prefill with details from an email.
  • Add a new contact record in Vantagepoint for email recipients who are not recognized as existing contacts in Vantagepoint.
  • Search for any contact, firm, or project record in Vantagepoint to easily find key information.
  • Create new Vantagepoint contacts, projects, and activities.

To use the Outlook add-in, you must have the Vantagepoint CRM module activated.

These Outlook add-in help topics are written using Microsoft Exchange 2016 and Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows Desktop and Outlook 2016 Web App. Steps may vary slightly if you use other versions of Microsoft products.


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Outlook Integration

Learn how to use the Outlook add-in to integrate Vantagepoint and Microsoft Outlook.