Use callbacks to enable communication between ConceptShare and your system/s via an Application Programming Interface (API). APIs let your systems know when events happen within ConceptShare. Your access to these settings is dependent on your version of ConceptShare.

Important: Account Callbacks are available only in the Enterprise or Integrated Edition of ConceptShare.

All ConceptShare events support callbacks. Some contain general information, while others contain specific event information. You can have those events drive other processes, updates, or actions within your own systems as defined by your organization's systems integrator.

Callbacks in ConceptShare enable relatively quick integrations without the need for custom programming. A well-designed integration ensures a smooth end-to-end process for your creative operations workflow.

If you are a hosted customer looking to set up Callbacks within your account, see Account Callbacks.

If you are hosting your own environment and looking to set up Callbacks, see the Deltek ConceptShare Callbacks Guide.