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Setting up vendors

About vendors

  1. From the Setup menu, click Vendors.
  2. Click the New button.
  1. Enter the following information on the General tab:
For Do this


Type the vendor name.

Vendor type

Enter the vendor type.


unavailable in ajeraCore unless you have the Departments add-on

The department that you want to appear on an invoice distribution for nonproject entries. You can change it on the vendor invoice.


The account that you want to appear on an invoice distribution for nonproject entries. You can change it on the vendor invoice.

Date established

Enter the date when you started doing business with a vendor.


Multi-company only.

Select the company in your organization associated with the vendor if the vendor type is Credit Card or if the vendor works exclusively with that company. Ajera automatically selects the company in tasks involving the vendor to save you time.

Otherwise, leave this field blank.

Calculate payment date by

Select an option for calculating the due date, as follows:

Select To

Day of the month

Assign the due date to a day of the month.

Number of days

Assign the due date based on a specified number of days after the invoice date.

You specify the number of days in the Number of Days from Invoice Date field.


Not automatically assign a due date.

Number of days from invoice date

If you selected Number of Days in the Calculate Payment Date By field, type the number of days from the invoice date you want to use to calculate the due date.

Day of the month to pay

If you selected Day of the Month in the Calculate Payment Date By field, type the day of the month as a number of 1 through 31.

Account ID

Account number associated with this vendor

This account ID will print on vendor checks.

Phone numbers

Type phone numbers for the vendor. To the right of a phone number, type a description of it, such as cell phone, office phone, emergency only, and so on.


Type the vendor's fax number. To the right of it, type any notes about it.


Type the vendor's email address.


Type the vendor's website address.

  1. Click the Address tab.
  2. In the address box, enter address information in the first line and additional information in the other lines, as needed. For example, you might enter the street address in the first line and a building number and suite number in the remaining two lines. Enter the city, state, zip, and country.
  3. If you want to enter a mailing address that is different from the address you just entered, clear the Same as address check box. Type the mailing address.
  4. Click the 1099 Info tab.
  5. If the vendor receives a Form 1099-MISC , select the Receives 1099 form check box, and complete the remaining fields on the tab:
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Form type

Enter the type of 1099 form that the vendor receives.

Recipient ID

Type the federal ID number of the vendor.

Recipient name

Ajera automatically prints the vendor name (which you entered on the General tab) in the recipient's name box on the 1099 form.

If you enter a name here, Ajera prints it on the first line. On the second line, it prints the vendor name prefaced with DBA. For example, the Vendor Name is Meier Consultants and the Recipient Name is Bill Meier. The 1099 form Recipient’s name box contains:

Bill Meier

DBA Meier Consulting

1099 Override: Reported amount

If you want to print a specific amount on the 1099 form for this vendor instead of the amount Ajera automatically calculates, type it here.

1099 Override: Federal tax withheld

If you want to print a specific amount for Federal income tax withheld on the 1099 form for this vendor, type it here.

Note: If you need to print more than one type of 1099 form for a vendor, set up a separate vendor for each 1099 form type that the vendor requires.
  1. If you received a Form W-9Closed from the vendor, click the W9 form received check box. In the W9 Business Type field, select the vendor's type of business. If you selected Other, type the vendor's business type in the W9 Other Description field.
  2. If you want to track insurance for a consultant, click the Insurance tab and follow the instructions for tracking consultant insurance.
  3. Click the Contacts tab. Enter up to five contacts for this vendor. In the field directly below each contact name, type a description or any notes about the contact. For example, you might enter something like: Only in the office on Wednesdays.
Note: See Setting up contacts to add a new contact.
  1. Click the Attachments tab and add attachments, by linking to related files. A linked file must be in a shared location for other people to open it (for example, on a shared network or a website).

  2. Click the Notes tab, and type any notes about the client.
  3. Click Save.
  4. To enter additional vendors, repeat these instructions starting with Step 2.
  5. Click Close.

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