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Payroll preferences for QuickBooks


Axium Cloud Clients - QuickBooks cannot be used as an outsourced payroll provider in a hosted environment.

Follow these specific instructions for QuickBooks after setting up general payroll preferences.

  1. Do the following:
  • In QuickBooks, in QuickBooks Preferences, from the Edit menu, select Payroll & Employees. On the Company Preferences tab, select to display Employee list by First name.
  • In QuickBooks, set up a customer with a customer name of Axium Payroll.
  • In QuickBooks, set up a Service Item with a name of Axium Payroll.
  • Ensure that employee names in QuickBooks and Ajera (see setting up employees or changing an employee) are identical, including a period for the middle initial if used.
  • Ensure that the item name for all Wage Payroll Items on the Employee's Payroll and Compensation Info tab in QuickBooks exactly matches the Service ID in Ajera (see setting up pays or changing a pay).
  1. On the Payroll tab of company preferences, enter the following information, which is used by your payroll service to process your payroll:
For Do this

Payroll service (outsourced payroll) Information:


Select QuickBooks as the name of the provider you use to process your payroll.


Select the vendor that will be providing your payroll service.

When you create a payroll output file for your payroll service, Ajera automatically creates a vendor invoice to reduce your payroll liability and calculate the payroll variance. You can edit this invoice to add your payroll tax cost and service fees.

Available columns,
Output columns

Does not apply when QuickBooks is your provider. 

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