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About wage rate tables

Use wage tables to pay employees different rates based on the project they are working on, the type of work they are performing, their employee type, or for specific employees. For example, you may be required to pay the prevailing wageClosed to a survey crew working on a union project.

If using wage rate tables, you can force Ajera to use the regular pay rate set in the wage rate table or use the highest wage rate, either the employee's standard rate or the regular rate set in the wage rate table.

For example, if $22.00 per hour is the pay rate for an employee and Project 101 is using a wage rate table that has the employee type at $45.00 per hour, the pay rate of $45.00 is retrieved when the employee works on Project 101 as that employee type. If the employee works on the same project but with an employee type that does not have a rate on the wage rate table, the employee's standard pay rate of $22.00 per hour is retrieved. If the employee works on a different project with a pay rate of $18.00 per hour on the wage table, the rate of $22.00 is retrieved.  


  • Wage rate tables are different from employee pay rates, which are used for standard pay rates and for calculating cost amounts.
  • If a project uses a billing rate table based on effective cost, the wage rate tables apply only to the hourly employees on that project. Effective cost applies only to salaried employees and overrides the wage rate tables.

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