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About reconciliation

Developing precise procedures for reconciliation should be a top priority for every company. It is a guarantee your reports are accurate and your data is in balance.

As a best practice, Deltek recommends that you reconcile monthly. You first determine if your Trial Balance report is in balance and then balance each of the control accounts to your Trial Balance report.

Through normal workflow, Ajera keeps the subsidiary ledgers and control accounts in balance. For example, when you print vendor checks, an entry is made to the Accounts Payable control account to reduce the balance by the total of the check. However, if you entered the amount of the check as a debit to the Accounts Payable account in Manage > Journal Entries, then your Accounts Payable subsidiary ledger (Vendor Invoice Aging) would no longer be in balance with your Accounts Payable account on your Trial Balance report.

To reconcile Ajera, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Reconcile the Trial Balance

Step 2 - Reconcile cash accounts

Step 3 - Reconcile accounts receivable

Step 4 - Reconcile prepayments

Step 5 - Reconcile work-in-progress accounts

Step 6 - Reconcile accounts payable

Step 7 - Reconcile salaries payable

Optional Step - Reconcile gross wages for accrual accounting



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