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About entering beginning balances

You enter beginning balances to reflect your financial position at the time you started using Ajera. Beginning balances serve as the starting point for calculating your account balances in Ajera and are used to produce financial statements and accurate project reports and invoices.

You can enter beginning balances at any time during your start-up. While entering beginning balances, you can start using Ajera to process your current work.

To complete the entire process, you enter, reconcile, and then finalize your beginning balances.

Multi-company only. Be sure to enter, reconcile, and finalize beginning balances for each company in your organization.


You enter these beginning balances:

Trial balance

Bank account

Credit card

Vendor year-to-date paid amounts for 1099s

Open vendor invoices

Unpaid client invoices

Finance charges

Unbilled work-in-progress (WIP)


Client prepayments

Payroll (for processing payroll in-house only)


You reconcile these beginning balances:

The trial balance

Bank account

Vendors 1099 paid

Open vendor invoices

Unpaid client invoices and prepayments

Unbilled WIP


As a final part of the process, you do the following

Verify control account balances

Finalize beginning balances

Multi-company only. After you finalize the beginning balances, select the Beginning Balances Complete check box in Company > Preferences.



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