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About employees

When you work with employee information in Ajera, you set up and maintain:

  • Information about the employee that you need for reporting and general record keeping
  • The way you want Ajera to process various transactions related to the employee's time and expense reports, payroll, and billing rates
  • The employee's access to Ajera, including which tasks the employee can perform

You begin by clicking Setup > Employees, where you then either set up an employee or change information for an employee. The Employee window appears, with information organized into tabs.

Here is a quick overview of the type of information you enter and maintain on the Employee window for each employee in your firm:

On this tab of the window

You set up or maintain


General information about the employee, such as name, phone number, job title, supervisor, and so on

You also enter the employee type and manager type, which play an important role in the way Ajera processes various transactions for the employee.


The employee's mailing address

Time & Expense Entry

Information for use in time and expense processing, such as credit cards used by the employee, and how Ajera calculates a payment date for expense reports

Pay information

Pay information, including pay rates for use in processing payroll, calculating cost amounts, and calculating billing rates based on markups

This tab also includes the employee's ID and password to Ajera, as well as the security group you assign to the employee. The security group determines what an employee can access in Ajera.

Payroll Taxes


unavailable in ajeraCore unless you have the Payroll add-on

Pay information for processing payroll in-house using Ajera. It includes basic information Ajera uses to process payroll, such as taxes, deductions, and fringe benefits for the employee


Contact information for the employee, such as an emergency contact


Any additional information you need to enter about the employee

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