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About customizing your Project Command Center

Your project list

At the top of the Project Command Center is a list of your projects. This list acts as a quick summary of your projects. You select the projects and type of information that you want to see for those projects.

Your project detail

unavailable in ajeraCore

After you select a project in the project list, detail for that project appears on the lower area of your Project Command Center. You can select the project detail you want to view or change.

Project Command Center reports

You can show or hide these up-to-date reports, which appear on tabs in the Project Command Center:

  • Snapshot report
  • Progress report (unavailable in ajeraCore)
  • Plan report (unavailable in ajeraCore)

Click (Customize), click the Reports tab, and select the check box for each report you want to show. Clear the check box for each report you want to hide. Click OK.



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