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About credit cards

You set up bank accounts for all your company's credit cards.

You can track credit card transactions and reconcile your statement in the same way that you would a bank statement. After you reconcile the credit card statement, Ajera creates a vendor invoice for payment. Using credits cards involves the following process:

  • Setting up credit cards: In Ajera, you set up a credit card account in much the same way that you set up a bank account. Ajera distinguishes between the two types of accounts because when you set up a bank account, you identify it as either a bank account or a credit card account. You also set up each credit card company as a vendor so that you can pay the credit card bill. If your beginning balance trial balance includes balances for credit card payables, follow the instructions for entering beginning balances for credit cards. If you are currently entering credit card information through Manage > Vendor Invoices, follow the instructions for setting up credit cards.
  • Setting up employees: If you want an employee to use a credit card for charging expenses, select the Use expense reports check box on the Setup > Employees > Time & Expense Entry tab and select at least one credit card in the credit card fields.   
  • Entering transactions: You can enter credit card charges on employee expense reports or in the bank register. If you want to distribute your credit card charges to projects for billing, enter them on employee expense reports. You can enter nonproject transactions in either the bank register or on the employee expense report.   
  • Processing the expense report: When Ajera processes the expense report depends on how your approvals are set up in company preferences for time and expense entry:
    • If you do not require any approvals, Ajera processes the expense report when the employee submits it.
    • If you require only the supervisor or accounting to approve the expense report, Ajera processes it after that approval is made.
    • If you require both supervisor and accounting approvals, Ajera processes the expense report only after both the supervisor and accounting manager approve it.

After Ajera processes the expense report, you cannot unapprove it.

  • Reconciling your statement: When you receive your credit card statement, you reconcile the account in much the same way that you reconcile your bank statement.
  • Paying the bill: When you are finished reconciling a credit card statement, you close that statement. Ajera then issues a vendor invoice for your credit card company, which you pay like any other vendor invoice.After you pay the vendor invoice, Ajera enters a transaction on the bank register for your:
    • Credit card account (to indicate that you made a payment to the credit card company)
    • Bank account (to indicate that you issued a check or electronic funds transfer payment from the checking account)

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