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About contacts

When you set up contacts, you enter contact information for a person one time so it is available whenever you need to use it.

You can enter contact information for anyone you may need to contact. Ajera includes a field for contacts on windows that involve your work with bank accounts, clients, employees, projects, phases, and vendors.

You typically set up a contact in Setup > Contacts. However, you can also add a contact while working in other areas of Ajera where a Contact field appears. Simply click in the Contact field, and then click the New button.

To help you organize and find your various types of contacts (for employees, vendors, bank accounts, and so on), be sure to do the following:

  1. Categorize your contacts by setting up contact types (through Setup > Contact Types).
  2. Assign a contact type to each contact you enter.

Where contact information appears

As you work in Ajera, you may often reference contact information as follows:

Use contacts for

In this area of Ajera

Billing on projects

Setup > Projects > Project Info tab > Invoice subtab > Billing Contact field

More about billing contacts on projects or invoice groups


Setup > Employees > Contacts tab


Setup > Clients > Contacts tab


Setup > Vendors > Contacts tab

Bank accounts

Company > s > Contacts tab

Printing contact information

You can print a list of contacts, contacts by contact type, or contact types as follows:

To see a list of

Do this

(with several sort options)

From the Inquiry menu, click List > Contact.

You can sort the inquiry by any of the column headings (status, first name, middle name, last name, company, title, phone number, email) or any other column you add to the inquiry (such as contact type).

Right-click the column heading and click Sort ascending.


From the Reports menu, click Setup > Contact.

You can sort contacts by First Name or Last Name only.

Contacts by contact type

From the Inquiry menu, click List > Contact Type.

You can see a list of all contact types you set up, and then drill-down to see a list of all the contacts you added for each type. For example, you click Vendors in the list and see a list of all the people you added as vendor contacts.

Contact types

From the Reports menu, click List > Contact Type.

You see a list of the contact types you set up.

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