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About Form W-2

unavailable in ajeraCore unless you have the Payroll add-on

Form W-2 is the Wage and Tax Statement. Employers provide this form to employees at the beginning of each year to report the employee's annual income and withholding for the previous year.

Ajera automatically prints year-to-date amounts on W-2 forms for:

  • Taxable wages
  • Federal withholding, Social Security, Medicare, and Earned Income Credit
  • State withholding

Boxes 10-20

When you set up a pay, tax, deduction, or fringe, you can select to print the year-to-date amount for it in one of the following boxes on Form W-2. If applicable, you can also select not to report the information on Form W-2.

Box 10 - Dependent Care Benefits

This box contains the total of dependent care benefits under a dependent care assistance program (section 129) paid or incurred by your company for your employee.

Box 11 - Nonqualified Plans

The purpose of box 11 is for the Social Security Administration to determine if any part of the amount reported in box 1 or boxes 3 and/or 5 was earned in a prior year. The Social Security Administration uses this information to verify that it has properly applied the Social Security earnings test and paid the correct amount of benefits.

Box 12 - Codes

You can select one of numerous codes to print the applicable year-to-date amount in box 12. For descriptions of these codes, see the Instructions for Employee section in Form W-2 on the IRS website.

Box 13

The Retirement plan check box on the W-2 form is checked if the employee is an active participant in a retirement plan. When you print Form W-2, Ajera checks this box on the form if you select the Covered by retirement plan check box on the Setup > Employees > Payroll Taxes tab.

Box 14

The lease value of a vehicle provided to your employee and reported in box 1 must be reported here or on a separate statement to your employee.

You may also use this box for any other information that you want to give to your employee. Examples include state disability insurance taxes withheld, union dues, uniform payments, health insurance premiums deducted, nontaxable income, or educational assistance payments. In addition, you may enter certain contributions to a pension plan.

Boxes 18-19 Local 1 and Local 2

Use these boxes to report local income tax information.

Form W-3

Form W-3 is the Transmittal of Tax and Wage Statements. You use this form to transmit Copy A of Form W-2 to the IRS when not filing electronically. If you file electronically, Deltek's filing partner Nelco prepares and files Form W-3 for you.

More information

For the most complete and up-to-date information about Form W-2, see the IRS instructions or contact the IRS or your financial consultant.

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