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About in-house payroll

unavailable in ajeraCore unless you have the Payroll add-on

When you select to process your payroll in-house using Ajera, you can do the following:

  • Automatically apply standard federal withholding. You can withhold state, local, and other taxes, as needed. You can also select to process withholding in multiple states, if needed.
  • Automatically process time as entered on timesheets.
  • Pay hourly employees for hours worked. For salary employees, Ajera captures both standard and actual hourly rates.
  • Pay by check or direct deposit (with direct deposit to multiple bank accounts).
  • Process certified payroll.
  • Produce supplemental paychecks.
  • Produce government reports.

Setting up payroll

When you set up processing for payroll:

  • You set up the types of pays, taxes, deductions, and fringe benefits that your company uses. Ajera already sets up federal taxes and commonly used pays, deductions, and fringes, which you can change as needed. If you use multi-company, you can set up different state disability insurance (SDI) or state unemployment insurance (SUI) tax rates per company, if needed. Ajera uses the tax rate associated with the employee company. If there is none, Ajera then uses the tax rate from the tax setup where the Company field is blank.
  • For each employee, you define the applicable pays, taxes, deductions, direct deposits, and fringe benefits.
  • You can set up or modify overhead group items, as needed, to determine the way time is reported on an employee's paycheck stub.
  • You can also set up wage tables to pay employees different rates based on the project they are working on, the type of work they are performing, or their employee type. You can define multiple date ranges per table, and rates by employee type or activity. You then can select a table for a project or phase. To help meet certified reporting requirements, you can track and pay prevailing wages by project.

Running payroll

When you run a payroll:

  • You begin by specifying the payroll period and pay date.
  • You can add, change, or delete paychecks, as needed. You can view paychecks at a summary or detail level before printing them.
  • You can pay by check or direct deposit.



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