SF330 Before you Create an SF330 Proposal

To save time when you create SF330 proposals, make decisions about your approach and complete some setup steps, such as selecting a default template, before you begin.

  • Vantagepoint does not save your work automatically. You must save your work often when you enter or modify data for a proposal.
  • Although you can click in many of the SF330 blocks and enter information manually, this procedure does not enter data for the related areas of the SF330. For example, if you manually enter employee and project data, rather than using menu options to select data from lookup lists, you won't be able to use the auto-populate features in Section G.
  • Use the SF330 Preference form to select a default template and some other default settings for your SF330 proposals.
  • For each project record that you use in the proposal, enter dates on the Dates & Costs tab of the Projects hub.
  • Make sure that all of the subcontractor vendors that you use in Part C - Proposed Team are associated with their projects.
  • Make sure that the correct office location is selected for each project's subcontractor or vendor.
  • Make two description categories, one for Block 19(3) and one for Block 24, and enter a date for each.
  • Vantagepoint enters data in the SF330 Section G matrix using two procedures:
    • It matches each employee role in Section E to the same role on a project in Section F.
    • It enters each employee shown in Section E who has a role on a project shown in Section F. To modify the matrix, you can mark unequal project roles as "similar" project roles for this proposal.
  • Use general terms for employee roles; for example, Architect instead of Architect 1. Add the more general employee roles to the Employee Role code table. You can use these general roles in the Project Role column in Section F.
  • Likewise, add more general roles for vendors to the Vendor Role code table. You can use these general roles for vendors and consultants in the Role column in Section F.
  • Make sure that all team members for a project are associated with the project. This includes both the employees at the office that is creating the proposal and the employees of vendor or consultant firms that worked on the project.
  • Make sure that each employee's role is specified in each project record. This data is necessary when you create resumes for Section F, and when Vantagepoint auto-populates Section G.
  • Review the discipline codes, and change them if necessary. It is not necessary to add discipline codes that are in employee records and project records now.
  • If you created organizations in Settings > Organization, and those organizations are associated with employees in the Employees hub, you must add each organization that belongs to a specific office location (firm) on the Associated Orgs tab in Settings > Organization > Proposal Firms in the desktop application. Vantagepoint uses this association to find the office location for each employee and project.
  • You must install the Vantagepoint macro toolbar before you can insert project graphics in Section F, block 24.
  • Review and update the proposal firm record(s) that you will use in this proposal.