Deltek Vantagepoint 4.0.3 (Build Release Notes
Release Date: May 17, 2021

Last Updated: May 17, 2021

Welcome to the Deltek Vantagepoint 4.0.3 Release Notes, which describe the new features and enhancements introduced in this release.

These release notes address all of the modules associated with Deltek Vantagepoint 3.0, some of which your firm may not use. Skip the sections that do not apply to your implementation of Deltek Vantagepoint.


Billing >> Batch Billing

Custom Report Included with Invoices in Batch Billing

In Batch Billing, you can now generate a custom report for each invoice that is processed in a billing batch. A Print Custom Report check box displays in the “Include with Invoice” section on the Invoice Creation tab in Batch Billing if you have a custom report saved in the Custom folder on the Vantagepoint application server. This is a custom report provided by Deltek Global Consulting Services. Select this check box to generate the corresponding custom report for each invoice in the billing batch. The report contains data that is specific for each invoice.


New Guide about Vantagepoint Intelligence

The Vantagepoint Intelligence Content and Functionality Overview guide is now available for users of Vantagepoint Intelligence. This guide provides an overview of the following Vantagepoint Intelligence components:

You can download this guide from the following location:

Mobile CRM

Update the Activities Screen in Mobile CRM to Improve Performance

The Activities screen in Mobile CRM now uses Vantagepoint's RESTful API. As a result, load time performance has improved for all Activities screen functions in Mobile CRM.

My Stuff >> Reporting

Ability to Stop Report Query from Running on a Database Server

Vantagepoint Reporting has been enhanced to reduce CPU spikes and limited bandwidth, and to address other performance issues when running reports. Previously, when you ran a report query and then closed it before the query was complete, the report continued to run on the SQL database server. Now, when you close a report query in the Vantagepoint Reporting application, the query is also cancelled on the database server.

To close a report query in Vantagepoint Reporting and stop the report from running on the report's database server, close the report's Preview window.


Vision-to-Vantagepoint Upgrades: Automated Removal of Negative Planned Values

You can run Vision-to-Vantagepoint upgrade scripts prior to upgrading to Vantagepoint, to detect structural and data conditions in Vision plans that can cause issues when a plan is upgraded to a Vantagepoint plan. In Version 4.0.3, those scripts have been enhanced to give you the option to upgrade plans that contain negative values in the time-phased data without first having to remove those negative values yourself.

For previous versions of Vantagepoint, if a Vision plan contained negative planned values for some dates and you wanted to upgrade that plan to Vantagepoint, you first had to remove those negative values. In 4.0.3, assuming the plan meets all other upgrade requirements, you now have the option to proceed with the upgrade without first removing negative values, and the upgrade process will automatically set those negative values to zero. If that approach is not what you want, however, you still have the option to update the plan yourself to remove the negative values before you upgrade.

In a related change, the upgrade script also detects negative values in iAccess plans and gives you the same options for removing them: automatic removal during the upgrade or manual removal before the upgrade.

If you elect to have the upgrade process remove negative values, all total planned amounts that previously included those negative values will increase accordingly. 

For complete information about converting Vision and iAccess plans when you upgrade to Vantagepoint, go to the Vantagepoint Readiness Portal, navigate to Manage Your Upgrade » Upgrading to Vantagepoint, and review the following:


Updates to the Experience section of an Employee's Résumé

In prior releases, if an employee had multiple roles entered for a project in the Team Members grid on the Team tab of the Projects hub, the Experience section of the employee’s résumé showed multiple rows for the same project. Each row displayed a different project role for the employee.

Now in this scenario, the Experience section of an employee’s résumé shows only one row for the project. The single row includes the employee’s multiple roles from the Team tab of the Projects hub.

For example, if the ABC Plaza Study project has the same employee entered twice in the Team Members grid on the Team tab of the Projects hub—one row for a Project Manager role and another row for a Lead Engineer role—this would appear on the employee's résumé as follows:

ABC Plaza Study, Lead Engineer, Project Manager

The roles are listed in alphabetical order with a comma and a space between them.

If a role is blank on the Teams tab, it is omitted from the résumé.

If you add to the résumé the description of the team member from the Team tab of the Projects hub, the description for the first role (alphabetical order) displays in the project row on the résumé.

Software Issues Resolved

Billing >> Interactive Billing

Defect 1453429: In Interactive Billing, when you clicked Other Actions » Bill Retainage, selected several invoices with retainage to bill on the Bill Retainage dialog box, and clicked Bill, the Bill dialog box displayed the incorrect amount of total retainage to bill if any of the invoices had a negative retainage amount. However, if you clicked Print on the Bill Retainage dialog box, it showed the correct amount of retainage.

Cash Management >> Payment Review

Defect 1447892: On the Payment Review form, when you clicked a specific vendor name in the Payee field to print a remittance advice, the file included other vendor payments that were made in the same run.

Cash Management >> Vendor Payments

Defect 1449786: On the Electronic Files page in Vendor Payments, when you selected a posted run, the EFT file was not processed. This issue occurred when the Status field in the Electronic Payment Method section of the Vendor tab in the Firms hub for a vendor remained as Add, when it should have automatically changed to Wait.

Defect 1452587: This issue occurred when you created a vendor payment run and set the Payment Type option to Wire, then processed the run and posted the vendor payment. When you ran the Cash Journal report, the tax amount in the Amount field was doubled. 

Defect 1453477: On the Select Vouchers to Pay dialog box, the check box to select all vouchers in the grid (located to the left of the Invoice Date column heading) was missing. This dialog box opens when you click the View Details icon at the end of a vendor's row on the Select Vouchers page.


Defect 1454572: The context-sensitive online help for the Employee Labor Detail report incorrectly displayed the help topic for the Employee Labor Audit report.


Defect 1463579: This issue applies for all hubs. It involves standard and user-defined drop-down type fields in grids, in which you can only make a selection from the drop-down list (you cannot enter text). When you selected a different item from the drop-down list in these fields, it appeared as if you had not selected the item. You clicked the item, nothing seemed to happen, and the old value remained in the field. The item that you selected was actually saved, but you could not see this until you refreshed the screen.

Hubs >> Contacts

Defect 1449452: Not all activities displayed in the Activities grid of a contact record. This happened even if the activities occurred only once and were scheduled to happen more than 60 days after the current date.

Now, the Activities grid for a contact displays all non-recurring activities, the recurring activities for the next 60 days, and the recurring activities that occurred in the past. A new tooltip has been added to the Activities tab in all the hubs that says: “Recurring activities are filtered to occurrences in the next 60 days and the past. Recurring activity occurrences after 60 days from today are not shown in the grid but can be viewed in the calendar."

Hubs >> Employees

Defect 1452090: On the Experience tab of the Employees form, some projects were displayed twice in the Project gird. On the Team tab of the Projects form (Hubs » Projects » Project), the project associated with the team member was displayed twice.

Hubs >> Firms >> AR Review

Defect 1439005: This issue occurred on the AR Review form when you set the Time Frame option to either Period Range or Date Range. In the Starting and Ending fields, when you entered one period or entered dates that fell under one period, you received the following error message: "The start period must come before the end period."

Hubs >> Projects

Defect 1437010: If you used a project template to add lower-level work breakdown structure (WBS) elements to a project, the following fields for the added lower-level WBS elements were not populated with values from the corresponding fields in the template: Principal, Supervisor, and Project Type.

Hubs >> Projects >> Invoices

Defect 1345307: In some cases, when you entered and saved AR comments for an invoice listed on the Invoices form, the comments appeared to be saved, but when you selected the invoice again and reopened the AR Comments dialog box, the comments were gone.

Hubs >> Projects >> Plan

Defect 1414723: The task numbers that displayed in grid rows on the Plan form did not use the correct numbering format.

Defect 1445903: When you added another resource to a level on the Labor tab of the Plan form and then entered the ETC Hours for the new resource, the ETC Cost for the level on which you added the new resource displayed an incorrect value, such as -999,000. (To correct the displayed ETC cost value, you had to open another project plan and then return to the project plan with the issue.)

Defect 1450820: When you displayed the Schedule tab of the Plan form, the Schedule tab stopped responding. This occurred due to an issue in the database (the plan ID was not associated with the project record).

Hubs >> Projects >> Project

Defect 1437004: This issue occurred when you displayed projects in List View and then sorted the records by a column (for example, the Organization column). When you tried to export the projects, you received the following error message: "The multi-part identifier "Organization.Name" could not be bound."

Defect 1438174: If you selected a different stage for a project while in List View, the stage displayed in the Stage field did not change. If you then displayed the drop-down list for the Stage field to try the selection again, the list did not contain the stage that you wanted to select. Instead, it contained two instances of the stage that you were trying to replace. Actually, your initial selection was saved successfully. If you logged out and logged back in and then returned to List View, both the Stage field and the drop-down list contained the correct values.

Defect 1452056: This issue applies if you migrated from Vision to Vantagepoint. When you displayed the Dates & Costs Tab of the Projects form, you received the following error message: "Please enter the Project Key Dates i.e. Estimated Project Start Date, Estimated Project Completion Date in the Milestone grid below." This occurred even when the original project record that was migrated already included the information listed in the error message.

Defect 1452080: On the Team tab of the Projects form, a team member was displayed twice with the same number of hours. When you checked the Employees hub, the project associated with the team member also displayed twice.

Defect 1458459: This issue applies for projects with multiple work breakdown structure levels. In the Projects hub, when you clicked the work breakdown structure icon beside the project name and then clicked Edit on the Project Structure dialog box, the "Please Wait" spinner incorrectly displayed and you received a console error.


Defect 1457903: When you tried to log in using a username containing a letter E with a grave accent, you were not able to log in to Vantagepoint Mobile.

Mobile >> Mobile CRM

Defect 1331532: When you used a specific database, you were unable to access Activities in Mobile CRM.

Mobile >> Mobile Time and Expense

Defect 1456372: When you entered hours in a timesheet in Mobile Time and Expense and saved the entry without a comment, you received a "Comments required" error message. This occurred even when the timesheet category in Vantagepoint (the browser application) did not require comments when entering work hours.

Defect 1456392: In Settings, when you set the Display non-working days option to On, the non-working days were not displayed on the Timesheet Hours screen. However, when you set the Display non-working days option to Off, the non-working days were displayed in the Timesheet Hours screen. This issue occurred after subsequent logins.

Defect 1459367: When you added an expense line on a new expense report and saved, the date that you specified in the expense line was decreased by one day. This issue was time zone-dependent and only occurred on iOS devices.

My Stuff >> Approval Center

Defect 1456743: This issue occurred when you used the grid toolbar options (Approve, Reject, or Reassign) to update an expense line in the Approval Center. For each subsequent update that you made to another expense line, you received the following error message: "The record you are trying to update has been updated by another user." (You instead had to refresh the Approval Center form or use the My Action Required option to update the expense line.)

My Stuff >> Dashboard

Defect 1396807: When you displayed the My Project Snapshot predefined dashpart in a dashboard, the value that was displayed in the Backlog column was incorrect.

My Stuff >> Expense Report

Defect 1448827: This issue occurred when an expense report was rejected by an approver and you then made changes on the Detail dialog box and saved the expense report. The Submit button did not appear in the header of the Expense Report form.

Defect 1460428: This defect applied if your organization uses the Multicurrency feature and the administrator set up more than 100 currency codes in Settings » Currency » Option. In an expense report, when you clicked the Currency Code field of an expense line and scrolled to the bottom of the results list, not all currencies were displayed.

My Stuff >> Reporting

Defect 1413103: When you ran multiple reports at the same time and then clicked the Search and Download option for each report, only the last report that you ran returned results in the Search Criteria grid.

Defect 1416930: This issue occurred when you selected Contract Status, Request Date, Approved Date, and Contract Type to be included in the Contract Management report, but you did not select Contract Number in the Group By field. When you ran the report, the values of Contract Status, Request Date, Approved Date, and Contract Type were not displayed.

Defect 1439045: The Chart tab of the Time Analysis report did not display the Display Timeframe option, which you use to specify the time frame (CurrentMonth-to-Date, or Year-to-Date) for the displayed data.

Defect 1448647: For Employee reports, the Location criterion was missing in the selection lists on the Selected Grouping an Selected Columns dialog boxes. As a result, when you configured an employee report, you could not include either the Location sorting and grouping criterion or the Location column on an Employee report.

This issue occurred when you did the following:

  1. In My Stuff » Reportingyou selected an Employee report.

  2. In the Grouping and Sorting section of the Columns & Groups tab, you clicked either of the following:

  1. On the Selected Groupings dialog box or the Selected Columns dialog box, you tried to find and select the Location criterion.

Defect 1449043: When you ran a favorite report in a user-defined hub, the placeholders added in a user-defined section did not align correctly in columns on the generated report.

Defect 1449045: When you ran the Cash Receipts report (an Accounting report), cash receipt transactions were missing. This occurred for transaction entries for projects that did not have clients specified.

Defect 1449233: When you configured the Labor Resource Planned and Actuals report with a specific date in the Start Date field on the Options tab of the report options form, the displayed planned labor value in the generated report was sometimes greater than the correct value.

Defect 1453602: When you set the Time Analysis report to display cost details, the generated report still displayed hour details in the column headers.

Defect 1454262: When you drilled down on a report, you received this error: "Query execution failed for Dataset ‘ReportDataset’." This error occurred on the following reports:

Defect 1454292: When you tried to search for a user-defined account classification option to sort groupings for the Firm Employee Assignment and Activity Status report, the account classification option was not available.

Defect 1454502: When you ran the User Audit Detail report, the generated report showed the Deltek username instead of the value of the User ID field (email address or alphanumeric characters) that was specified in Settings » Security » Users.

Defect 1454740: This issue applies if you have one or more Custom Budget columns in the Columns section of the Columns & Groups tab on the report options form for the Profit Planning Monitor or Income Statement reports. When you selected a single-digit month as a period in the Period Start or Period End fields for the Custom Budget column, the fields displayed a different value instead of the value that you specified.

As a workaround, re-create the configuration for a new Profit Planning Monitor or Income Statement report. This time, configure the Period Start and Period End fields for the Custom Budget column before you select options in the Budget Options section in the Options tab.

Defect 1454743: When you cleared the Record Selected value from the Records field for a report on the Favorite Reports tab of the Reporting form, the generated report still included the record selection. (As a workaround, you had to remove the Record Selected value from the Records field).

Defect 1454752: Compensation Fee, Direct Consultant Fee, Contingency amount, and other information was missing from the Project Planning Performance report. This issue occurred if you did not select the Subtotal option for all available groups in the Group By grid on the Columns & Grouping tab of the report options.

Defect 1457071: When Organizations were not in use, running the Income Statement and Profit Planning reports resulted in blank reports.

Defect 1459837: This issue occurred on the Income Statement and Consolidated Income Statement reports when a calculated field was added to the reports. You received a SQL Reporting Error if you set up the field calculation to be performed on each row from the query.

Defect 1461134: This issue occurred when you generated the Employee Labor Detail report with the Debit Account grouping specified in the Grouping and Sorting section of the Columns & Groups tab, on the report options form. The values for certain employee hours and cost amounts in the Debit Account groupings were sometimes incorrect.

Defect 1466619: This issue occurred when you added a project data type field, or an option that was an account, role, or unit lookup, on the Custom Options tab for a custom report in Settings » General » Custom Report Options. When you ran the custom report, you received this message: “An error has occurred."

My Stuff >> Timesheet

Defect 1419232: When you edited a line item in a timesheet, you received a message stating that the timesheet was not saved/submitted. When you edited the same line item again, the edits were saved, but the line item disappeared from the grid.

Defect 1448479: This issue applies if your Timesheet Administration Level was set to Group on the Time & Expense tab in the Employees hub. When you transferred labor hours in Billing » Interactive Billing and then acknowledged the billing labor transfer in My Stuff » Timesheet, the Billing Transfer Audit dialog box displayed multiple rows for the same billing transfer.

Defect 1451262: When you entered a labor code in the Labor Code field, you received a "no results were found" message. If you copied and pasted a valid labor code value into the field and tried to save the timesheet, you were not able to save (the copied value was incorrectly interpreted as an invalid value).

Payroll >> Payroll Payments

Defect 1414548: When you processed a payroll run, the run status became stuck at Posting and you received the following error message: "Invalid Project: [/ /] Please check your Payroll liability distribution credit setup in Organization Configuration."

This issue occurred when the following options were set in the desktop application:

Purchasing >> Purchase Orders

Defect 1448440: In the desktop application, the Distribution Overrides check box on the Cost Distribution tab of the Purchase Order Line Detail dialog box was enabled by default. This issue occurred when you created a new Purchase Order record from an approved Request for Price Quote record on which the Distribution Overrides check box was originally disabled.

Defect 1460471: Payment terms entered in the Pay Terms field on the Billing tab of the Purchase Orders form that were specific values, such as 30 or 60, were missing. Other, non-numeric payment terms, such as Date, Next, PWP, and Hold, were not affected. This issue occurred after you upgraded to Vantagepoint 4.0.1.

Resource Management >> Reporting

Defect 1453395: When you ran a new project search from Resource Management » Reporting, the search processed slowly.


Defect 1403225: In the Employees hub, when you created and saved a new employee search using either the Employees- Timesheet Group or Employees - Expense Group filter, you could not edit or delete the saved search.

Defect 1413487: When you used task numbers in the advanced search, multiple search results with duplicate task numbers were displayed.

Defect 1449545: When an existing search contained grouped conditions that were entered using the advanced settings for the search criteria and you used the Save as New Search option to create another search with the same criteria, the results of the new search did not correctly match the results from the original search.

Defect 1452695: If you used the DEFAULT security role when running an Employees hub search for a CRM-only database, Vantagepoint displayed grid fields and hub fields that normally are not used in the Employees hub when associated with CRM-only databases.

As a result, these two issues occurred:

  1. On the Employment Details and Accounting tabs of the Employees hub form, the following fields incorrectly displayed:

  1. In the Search Criteria section of the Search dialog box, when you clicked the down-arrow for the Select a Field option to include fields in the search, the following grid fields incorrectly displayed:

Settings >> Accounting >> User Defined Revenue

Defect 1450257: When you created a user-defined revenue method that contained the multiplication sign operator and saved the method, "CustEstimatedNETTest" displayed instead of the multiplication sign in the Calculation column in the Revenue Methods grid on the Revenue Methods form.

Settings >> Billing >> Alerts

Defect 1449541: When a project reached the accounts receivable criteria that you specified on the AR Aging dialog box, the process for generating an alert stopped. This issue occurred when you selected employees to receive the alert in the Show Alert To section in the AR Aging dialog box.

Settings >> Cash Management >> Tax Codes

Defect 1456366: When you tried to edit the name (description) of a tax code in Settings » Cash Management » Tax Codes, you received an error message saying that the tax code was in use. This issue occurred when the tax code was associated with an unposted transaction file in the Transaction Center.

Settings >> Purchasing & Inventory >> Items Master

Defect 1452103: In the desktop application, item numbers of item records deleted from the Items Master still appeared on the Items lookup that is available on the Line Items tab of the Purchase Orders form in Purchasing » Purchase Orders. When you tried to add the items back in Items Master, you received the following error message: "Record already exists and cannot be added."

Settings >> Security >> Roles

Defect 1442133: When you modified the settings of a role on the Roles form, some fields and options that were originally disabled or hidden in Vantagepoint became enabled or visible for the role.

Defect 1452776: Role level access could not be modified for legacy favorite reports because legacy favorite reports were not displayed on the Access Rights tab of the Roles form.

Settings >> Workflow >> Approval Workflows

Defect 1441599: When you used the Validate Error at Start action in the Absence Request approval workflow and subsequently added an absence request date without comments in My Stuff » Timesheets, you received an error message.


When you entered comments and clicked Submit again, you received a second error message: "Date cannot be duplicated." Despite this error, the status of the revised absence request was set to In Progress when you submitted it.

Defect 1449003: This issue applies when you use the Approvals Configuration form in the desktop application. When you set up an expense approval workflow with an email notification action for an approval step and you included the [:ModUserFullName] field in the body of the email notification on the Email Configuration dialog box, the actual email notification sent to the recipients did not display the value for the [:ModUserFullName] field.

Settings >> Workflow >> Scheduled Workflows

Defect 1415744: A scheduled workflow failed, and you received the following termination message: "Invalid column name 'ClientID'."

This error occurred when you scheduled a Firms workflow and did the following:

  1. In the Scheduled Workflows grid, you added a scheduled workflow and in the Workflow Table field selected VEAccounting.

  2. In the Actions grid, you added a Column (Field) Change action and then selected a user-defined field in the Column field on the Column Change Configuration dialog box.

Settings >> Workflow >> User Initiated Workflows

Defect 1459745: Workflow validation messages for user-initiated workflows were incorrectly displayed in the language associated with the employee instead of the language associated with the user currently logged in.

Transaction Center >> AP Invoice Approvals

Defect 1459606: When you tried to upload a new invoice in AP Invoice Approvals, nothing happened and the new record for the approval did not display on the AP Invoice Approvals screen.

Transaction Center >> Time and Expense Posting

Defect 1441735: When you posted an expense report, you received this error message: "Invalid system setup Employee expense credit project. Invalid system setup Employee advance credit project."

This issue occurred when you manually entered projects in the Project fields of Employee Expense Credit Posting and Employee Advance Credit Posting in Settings » Expense » Options.

Utilities >> Imports & Exports >> Exports

Defect 1448990: When you copied a standard data export definition and added new calculations in the Calculation field of the copied version, the new calculations were also added in the original standard data export definition. (Standard data export definitions should not be editable.)

Defect 1456339: If Organizations were disabled and you attempted to run a Ledger Detail export in Utilities » Imports & Exports » Exports, you received a data access error.

Utilities >> Integration >> QuickBooks

Defect 1427710: Vantagepoint invoices that were successfully added in QuickBooks were displayed with a Failed integration status on the Error Logs tab of the QuickBooks form.

Utilities >> Process Server >> Queue Manager

Defect 1380181: Resource Utilization Alert jobs failed when the AssignmentID field contained values that had apostrophes.

Utilities >> Transactions >> Undo Posting

Defect 1448837: When you sorted the Undo Posting grid by the Posting Date column, the postings did not sort chronologically by date.

Security Enhancements

Issue 1452805: Improved input sanitization for searches in Vantagepoint.

Known Issues

Defect 1461001: Some saved searches were returning incorrect results after you upgraded to Vantagepoint version 4.0.1. This issue has been fixed for new upgrades from 4.0 to 4.0.1 and later. However, if you have already upgraded to 4.0.1 or later, use the following information to correct an affected saved search.

The issue is limited to searches that include multiple selections with a drop-down or look-up field and are behaving as more restrictive than they did when originally created. Ad hoc searches, such as searches applied in Search and Replace, may also be impacted.

If you are experiencing this behavior and require an immediate fix, perform the following steps for the affected search:

  1. Open the application for the saved search.

  2. Click the search list, hover over the saved search, and click the pencil icon to edit it.

  3. Click Save Options.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Apply All. The search results will be updated to the correct results.

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