Salesforce Integration Utility

Use this utility to set up Vantagepoint to connect to your Salesforce instance to allow linking of opportunity , account , and contact records in Salesforce with corresponding records in Vantagepoint.

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The integration between Vantagepoint and Salesforce enables you to import existing Salesforce data into Vantagepoint to perform key sales tasks. This integration is one-directional and allows you to import certain new or updated records from Salesforce to Vantagepoint. The records are then “linked” between the two products. You can run the Salesforce import process immediately or schedule it to run at a future time in Utilities > Integrations > Salesforce.

The integration between Vantagepoint and Salesforce supports only one instance of Salesforce with one Vantagepoint database. In order to connect the two products, the Salesforce Edition must include the availability of web service APIs.

The Salesforce Integration populates in-pursuit projects rather than opportunities. With this comes the additional support of multiple currencies and the ability to import into any former opportunity field or existing project field in the Vantagepoint Projects hub.


Title Description

Integration with Salesforce

Learn how to use the Salesforce Integration module to integrate Salesforce and Vantagepoint. In addition, learn how to use existing Salesforce information to create projects in Vantagepoint, how to access and report on sales data in one place, and how to use Salesforce information to create estimates.