Initiate the Onboarding Process

You can follow this set up steps to begin the onboarding process, when a candidate reaches the job offer stage.

On the Workbench tab of the Recruiting > Candidates > Active Candidates > Résumé Dashboard screen, you will see an Initiate Onboarding button in the Tasks section when the candidate reaches the job offer stage.

The status that triggers this action depends on the Recruiting workflow. However, it is commonly triggered by the Hired status.

The steps in the process may vary depending on the Recruiting workflow.

To initiate the onboarding process:

  1. Click Initiate Onboarding.
  2. Step 1: Initiate Process allows you to define training schedules.

    If your company uses the Deltek Talent Learning module, then there will be two additional options.

  3. Click New Hire Class Schedule to view the class dates and coordinate the new employee’s start date with the new hire training schedule.
  4. Select the Enroll in New Hire Curriculum check box to enroll the person into the New Hire Curriculum, if your organization has one.
  5. If needed, complete other fields under the Additional Details section.

    The fields that display in this area vary by company and are set by system administrators.

  6. Click Next.
  7. On Step 2: Select Documents, select the forms and documents to include in the newly-hired employee’s Onboarding Checklist.

    The For New Hire section lists the documents and forms intended for completion by the new hire. The For Internal Completion section lists the documents and forms intended for completion by existing users within your company. The items displayed in these two sections are determined by the Recruiting Workflow and/or any bespoke onboarding bundles created by your company’s system administrator,

  8. Select Reuse previous I-9 record to use a rehired employee's previously completed I-9 form.
    This option is available if the employee was rehired within three years from the date the employee previously completed the I-9 Form. If not enabled, the user may complete the I-9 Form anew.
  9. Click Add Ad Hoc Document to select documents other than the ones listed on the screen.

    This option is available if configured in the Recruiting workflow.

  10. Select the Require a signature check box for individual items, if necessary.
  11. In the Assign for Completion column, click Select to edit the displayed list of users, if necessary.
  12. If there is no pre-set date in the Due Date column, click C:\Sylvia Files\_TODO\Deltek Talent Management\14.0\HRsmart Icons\expand.png , and select one of the following values:
    • Due Before
    • Due On
    • Due After

    Then, assign the # of Days value in order to set a completion deadline for that document or form.

  13. Click Next.
  14. On Step 3: Select Letter, select an email template.
  15. Click to view a copy of the letter that will be sent to the candidate.
  16. Click to modify the letter.
  17. Select the Request Return Receipt check box, if necessary.
  18. Click Next.
  19. On Step 4: Select New Hire Notification, select who will receive a notification that this new hire is coming on board.
  20. Click Add Notification to select another group and email template to send.
  21. Click to view a copy of the email notification that will be sent to the candidate.
  22. Click to modify the email notification.
  23. Click Next.
  24. On Step 5: Review, review the information you entered and selected.
  25. Click Edit to enter your changes in the For New Hires section, if necessary.
  26. Click Add More Documents in the For Internal Completion section, if necessary.
  27. Click Initiate Onboarding.

    You can view the newly-hired employee’s progress on the Active Onboarding screen, which you can access by clicking Recruiting > Onboarding > > Onboarding Queue.