Costpoint Cloud Information Center (CCIC)

As of April 1, 2020, changes made to the CCIC will be tracked and noted here.

See the following for a list of each update, including the date and a brief description.

Date Description
06/07/22 Added the Mobile Time and Expense Cumulative Release Notes.
05/04/22 Updated the Mobile Time and Expense documentation to version 2.2.
04/05/22 Maintenance release notes were added for April (version 8.1.6 and 8.0.20) for Costpoint, Costpoint Enterprise, and GovCon Moderate.
03/25/22 The version 8.1 major feature release notes were updated with new content for Time & Expense at the beginning of the T&E section. Page 17 was updated with additional information for Contract Management regarding the default view for Manage Opportunities and Manage Contracts.
03/09/22 Reorganized help topics by version.
02/22/22 Added links to 8.1 documentation.
02/15/22 Updated the Costpoint Cloud Configuring Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) guide and links.
02/14/22 Added 8.1 release note for all versions.
01/23/22 Added January 2022 release notes, including the Tax Table Updates.
01/08/22 Added pre-release notes.
10/19/21 Added the HDP ODBC Upgrade guide.
  • Added a new Welcome page with helpful graphics.
  • Added information about our latest 2.1 Mobile Time and Expense release.
04/09/21 Updated the Costpoint 8 Guides topic with a new ODBC Access to Costpoint section. Moved the current ODBC guide there and added a new ODBC guide for GCC Moderate.
03/17/21 Updated the Latest Costpoint News and Resources with Costpoint 8.1 Pre-Release Notes.
03/08/21 Fixed broken links on the Costpoint 8 Guides topic.
03/03/21 Added the GCC Moderate Service and Standard SaaS Admin guides. Also, added the latest release notes.
02/25/21 Added a new item to the Latest Costpoint News and Resources topic.
02/17/21 Updated and organized the Developer Resources area.
12/16/20 Split out developer resources from the Costpoint Guide topics for easy access. This change was for 7.1.X and 8.0 guides. Also added a new section in the 8.0 Costpoint Guides topic.
10/30/20 Added pre-release notes for Costpoint Enterprise and Costpoint.
10/09/20 Added the Costpoint BI Best Practices for Custom Permissions guide to the Technical Guides topics.
09/21/20 Added CP 8 topics.
08/07/20 Added pre-release notes.
08/02/20 Added information regarding the CP 8.0 CER name change in the Latest Costpoint News and Resources topic.
07/21/20 Corrected references to preview environments.
  • Corrected the KB link in the Costpoint Enterprise Subscribe to Knowledge Base Article topic.
  • Added a link to the Costpoint Cloud Configuring Ping guide to the Technical Guides topics.
05/12/20 Added Costpoint 8.0 Pre-release notes to the Latest Costpoint News and Resources topic.
05/01/20 Added pre-release notes.
05/01/20 Posted latest version of the Costpoint Mobile Time release notes.
04/03/20 Corrected the Customer Care Support guide KB number in the Additional Support Role topics of the SaaS Admin guides.
  • Added information regarding the 2020 H.R. 6201: Families First Coronavirus Response Act to the appropriate Costpoint release notes topic.
  • Added an announcement to the Latest Costpoint News and Resources topic regarding a change to Sender of Emailed Reports in Costpoint Enterprise Reporting (CER).
06/04/20 Added pre-release notes.
06/10/20 Added pre-release notes for Costpoint Mobile Time & Expense.
06/24/20 Added pre-release notes.
07/01/20 Added pre-release notes.
08/06/20 Added pre-release notes.
01/08/21 Added pre-release notes for all versions.
01/22/21 Added final release notes for GovCon and GovCon Moderate.
02/07/21 Updated GovCon release notes pages current 8.0.x release information. Removed a reference to DSM for Costpoint Business Intelligence on the Latest News and Resources page
03/23/21 Updated Enterprise release notes page for CP MR version 8.0.7.
04/05/21 Added pre-release notes.
04/28/21 Moved pre-release notes. Removed the version 7.x Maintenance Release page for Enterprise, as all customers are now on version 8.0.x.
05/04/21 Added pre-release notes.
05/26/21 Added note regarding status of future pre-release notes.
06/28/21 Updated release notes pages with information about the upcoming MR.
07/01/21 Added pre-release notes.
07/29/21 Added pre-release notes.
09/01/21 Added pre-release notes.
10/01/21 Added pre-release notes.
12/07/21 Added pre-release notes.
03/5/22 Added pre-release notes.
04/05/22 Added pre-release notes.
05/08/22 Added pre-release notes for 8.1.7 and 8.0.21
06/03/22 Added pre-release notes for 8.1.8 and 8.0.22
06/30/22 Added pre-release notes for 8.1.9.