Other Distribution Files

There are additional distribution files related to the Cobra Web Service aside from the ClientAPI files.

These distribution files are as follows:

  • Sample ClientAPI: You can find a sample project that uses the Cobra Web Service ClientAPI binaries in the Sample > Web Service ClientAPI subfolder of the Cobra folder. The sample project (SampleClientAPI.sln) demonstrates how to use the Cobra Web Service ClientAPI as well examples on how to authenticate and call Cobra processes.
    Attention: See Cobra Web Service ClientAPI Example for more information.
  • Cobra Web Service ClientAPI Reference Help Files: Use the link below to display the Web Service Client API Help.

    Deltek Cobra Web Services Client API Help

    Alternatively, you may navigate to the Help > API subfolder of the Cobra installation folder.

    Application developers can use this reference file to help them develop solutions using the Cobra Web Service ClientAPI.