Deltek Products That Utilize the Cobra Web Service

Cobra Web Service is utilized by Deltek products to automate and execute Cobra processes.

  • Costpoint: The Costpoint to Cobra Integration automates the loading of actual costs from Costpoint to Cobra.
    Attention: For more information, see the Deltek Costpoint to Cobra Integration Technical Guide.
    Note: Costpoint introduces updates to the Cobra integration that utilizes the Cobra Web Service beginning with version 7.1.1.
  • PM Compass: The PM Compass Change Management process integrates with Cobra using Cobra Web Service (Cobra Engine) on the PM Compass Server to execute Cobra processes. During the Change Management process, workflow step actions run Cobra processes such as the Integration Wizard, Reclass, Recalc, Advance Calendar, and Rolling Wave.
    Attention: For more information, see the "Integrating with Cobra" section of the Deltek PM Compass Technical Installation Guide.