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Setting up security groups

About security

Follow these steps to set up a security group:

  1. From the Company menu, click Security.
  1. Ajera automatically contains these default security groups: Administrator, Project Managers, Principal, Employee, Marketing, and Entry Clerks.

You can view or change options for a security group, as needed.

  1. Click the New button.
  2. Set up general security.
  3. Set up company security.
  4. Set up security for other setup tasks.
  5. Set up security for Manage menu tasks.
  6. Set up security for projects.
  7. Set up security for reports.
  8. Set up security for inquiries.
  9. Click the Attachments tab, and add attachments, by linking to any files related to the security group. A linked file must be in a shared location for other people to open it (for example, on a shared network or a website).
  10. Click the Notes tab, and type any notes or comments about this security group.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Repeat these instructions to add additional security groups.
  13. Click Close.

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