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Balance Sheet

Use this report to review the basic financial position of your company, in a cash or accrual basis.

The report examines the relative relationship between a company's assets, liabilities, and owner's equity as of a specified date.

The report contains subtotals for current and long-term assets and liabilities, and owner’s equity accounts. The total assets should always be equal to the total liabilities plus owner’s equity.


Owners and shareholders



Report versions

The Balance Sheet and its report views are available in two versions:

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 version

Producing the report

From the Reports menu, click Financial > Balance Sheet.


Select a report or customize option only after the report fully loads.

Report options




The report contains the balance for the current month unless you select a different time period in this field.

If you select Select Dates, a start date is required.

After changing report options, click (Refresh). 

Customize options



Report title

You can change the title of the report.

Basis to report

Prints information for a cash or accrual accounting basis.

Print logo

If selected, it prints the company logo from Company > Preferences > General tab > Reports Logo field.

Multi-company only. If selected, it prints the logo of the employee's company.

Include close year entries

If selected, it includes closing entries on the report.

Use account group summary

If selected - and if the Summarize on Financial Reports check box is selected for the account group - it prints a summary line for all accounts in an account group, instead of amounts for each individual account.

Print all accounts If selected, it prints all accounts.

Print account number

If selected, it includes account numbers on the report.

Capitalize account type If selected, it displays the headings for the account types and totals in all capitals.

Print customize options on reports

If selected, it prints a list of the options that you select.

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Producing the report

From the Reports menu, click Financial > Financial Statements > Balance Sheet Group.

Report options



Change View

The report contains the balance for the previous month unless you click and select a different time period. The report will include the balance for the end of the month of the time period selected.

After changing the reporting period, click (Refresh). 

Customize options

From the Reports menu, click Manage Financial Statements > Designs. Click Open, and double-click the balance sheet design you want.

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