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Adding an account group

  1. From the Company menu, click Financials > Account Groups.
  1. Place the cursor one row above where you want the new account group.
  2. Click the New button.
  1. Type a description for the account group. The description appears on lists and reports.
  2. Select the Summarize on financial reports check box to summarize and subtotal information on financial reports by this account group. (You must also select the Use Account Group Summary check box in the customize options for the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement in Reports > Financials.)

Otherwise, clear the check box.

  1. Select the Print net profit after this group check box to print net profit for the account group on financial reports.

The report prints the net profit balance for the account group after the detail. It displays the net profit with this heading:

Net income after <name of the account group>.

Net profit does not appear on the report for the last account group in your account group list.

  1. Enter any notes.
  2. Click Save. The account group appears in a row below the cursor. To move it, click the row and click or .



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