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About timesheets

The following is a typical sequence of events for processing time:

  1. An employee enters time.
  2. When finished entering all the time for a week, an employee submits the timesheet.
  3. The supervisor, accounting manager, or project manager reviews the timesheet and does the following:
  • Approves the timesheet.
  • Rejects time on the timesheet, entering comments about the rejected time. The employee then corrects the rejected time and resubmits the timesheet.

Depending on the options chosen when setting up company time and expense entry preferences, the supervisor/manager may have access to change an employee's timesheet.

Working with timesheets

The following events occur as you process time at your company:

When this occurs

This happens

Close or save a timesheet

Ajera saves the time you entered and updates the client invoice and project information with it.


An employee has finished entering time on a timesheet and is ready for the supervisor/manager to review it.

Now, to make any changes to the timesheet, the employee must first unsubmit it.


A supervisor/manager approves the time that the employee entered. The timesheet appears as Approved in timesheet lists.

The timesheet can no longer be changed unless it is unapproved first.

Reject specific hours

When approving a timesheet, the supervisor/manager can reject specific hours and optionally add any comments.

If a timesheet has any rejected hours, the timesheet appears as Time Rejected in timesheet lists. The employee must correct the time and submit the timesheet again.

The rejected hours appear in bold type on the timesheet for the employee to review or change them.


The supervisor/manager rejects the entire timesheet. The timesheet appears as Time Rejected in the timesheets list. The employee must correct and submit the timesheet again. Rejected time cannot be billed or paid.


An employee decides a timesheet is not ready for approval after all.

An employee can change a timesheet if it has not yet been approved. However, an employee cannot change any time on the timesheet that has already been billed or paid.


A supervisor/manager decides that they do not want to approve the timesheet after all. However, any time that has already been billed or paid can no longer be changed. 


You cannot delete a timesheet if it has been submitted or if it contains time that has been billed or paid.

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