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About tasks

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A task is work that needs to be performed. Tasks are the to-do items that culminate in accomplishing all the work necessary to complete the objective of a phase or project. 

When working with the project, the project manager can review the percent complete of each task, as reported by the employee assigned to the task. In this way, it is possible to arrive at a more accurate percent complete for the entire phase or project. It provides more meaningful information to manage projects as reflected by earned value analysis on the Project Progress report. Earned value is the earning based on the percent complete of the project (RPC percent multiplied by the contract amount). 

Because you use tasks to track the progress and scope of a project, you budget hours for a task but not cost amounts or rates. When using tasks, you continue to track project costs through resources and phases. However, you can choose to roll up task hours to resources or phases, which then updates cost amounts.


You can also enter tasks on the Project Templates window.

The process

Here is a typical sequence of events when working with a task. Of course, after tasks are added, they are updated and reviewed when needed.


This happens



Project manager adds tasks to a project

The project in the Setup > Projects > Manage tab

Here you can add, update, and review tasks, when needed, along with all other project information.



Supervisors can also add nonproject tasks and tasks for overhead projects on the Manage > Time & Expense > Tasks by Employee tab.


Employee updates tasks

Manage > Time & Expense > My Tasks tab

For nonoverhead projects, the employee can update only information regarding the status and progress of the task. For nonproject and overhead projects, the employee can create, delete, and update all information about the task.

3. Project manager reviews progress by project

The project in the Setup > Projects > Manage tab, where tasks appear right along with your project information. You can review the status and progress of the task and also add, change, or delete tasks for a project, if needed.

You can review tasks here to determine the progress of the entire phase or project.

Supervisor or accounting manager reviews progress by employee

The Manage > Time & Expense > Tasks by Employee tab, where you see information for only tasks. You may want to review tasks here when you want to:

  • Quickly review tasks without seeing all the project information.
  • Review tasks for certain dates, employees, or projects.
  • Review an employee's progress.



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